Web Development

We develop web applications exercising great care and respect to web standards, so your web application will be both functional and easy to use. While we are not really great designers - but happy to collaborate with a design agency of your choice or bring one of our choosing to the table, we are good techies that craft clean code and mold everything into a secure and reliable application. Like this website, which so far uses Plone (it's bound to use more systems soon), a system that boasts a very low number of security problems, compared to other similar applications.

Starting with taking an inventory of the requirements for a website or web application over to implementing and then running and maintaining the application, we can offer you one-stop shopping for your web-related activity.

To illustrate, our current standards would be to implement a web application or website using responsive design and pay close attention to aspects like security and data protection - not only yours, but also that of your users.

For dynamic web applications, we typically use frameworks of some sort that support the given use case. In the case of CMS, that would likely be Plone, but in other settings it might be eg. Pyramid or Django, or any of a number of other systems for more specific use cases (wiki, ticket system, online shop, monitoring, ...).

While doing this, we employ current methods of software engineering to get reproducible results.

During all of this, we emphasize your input and strive to keep you informed in a way that you will be able to make sound decisions that will lead to a result that will not only be useful today, but tomorrow as well.

Let's discuss your current project!